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Create a healing or helping business that fits your personality, talents + ideal lifestyle.

Wealth creation
+ Management
for Healers + helpers

+ Promotion

+ self care

Success Mindset:
Heal your inner
critic, fear + doubt

Sustainable Growth
Strategies to
Find + Keep Happy clients

Simple TECH Systems:
Basic DIY – to
make Your life easier

Are you weary of unrealistic trainings offering £100K world domination?

Do you just want to enjoy your life, doing purposeful paid work that you love?

Choose from the self study option – or the course with 121 support.


The Course.

Holistic Grower is a practical business + mindset training for:

Self-employed healers+ helpers.

Employees transitioning to boss.

• Freshly trained healers, coaches + complementary health practitioners.

Create a livable income + face uncertain economic times + climate challenges with calm.

Follow a clear pathway to grow a sustainable business around your personality, talents and ideal lifestyle.



Course Outcomes

Learn from a dedicated healing Pro with a busy private practice since 2009!


Know the systems + approach to money that will root your business, heal money blocks + create abundance.


Know how to get your message clear + your offering seen. Effective offline, local and online options to attract clients.


Tools + tactics to grow past your fears + doubts. Communicate boundaries without hassle or conflict. Save time + protect energy.


Find + keep happy clients with minimal effort. Build a healing practice around your personality and ideal lifestyle. Resources + tools library.

Your Tutor + Guide:

15 years in private practice

as a healer,
10 years as a counsellor

1000s of satisfied clients

from all over the world.
In person and via Zoom.
Proven results.

Sustainable Business + Lifestyle

Flexible working hours, holidays, bonuses + perks.

Financial Security + Stability

Habits + structure that increase freedom + creativity.



Student testimonials from the first Holistic Grower course.
Eva Lejonsommar

Writer, Sweden

“I attended most of the live classes and felt equally inspired, impressed and provoked! Amy is really brilliant in her business. She does a great job joggling these two worlds of spirit and materialism. The quality of education has been really good… And the warm and generous personality of the teacher has been absolutely brilliant!”

Laura Blundell

Spiritual artist, UK

“I have been very happy with the standard of education, information, delivery + support! The personalised feedback was very valuable for me – and I have already started to implement. Holistic Grower helped me dig deeper as to why I don’t value what I do. I really do appreciate the wealth of information… Thank you!

Josie Davies

Coach + trainer, London, UK

“Among others things, Holistic Grower has been a confidence boost. The sessions have been very upbeat and insightful. The information has been very useful… I have been challenging myself and addressing my fears… I always come away feeling I learned new things and feeling much more positive. with lots of insight and ideas of what I need to do.”

Donna Kim

Healer, MA, USA

“I loved this course – Amy gave so much information!! I’ve listened to all of the modules and am starting to implement! Amy has such a wonderful and natural way of giving information! Her approach is so nurturing and inspiring! Particularly the way she intersperses the lessons with her own stories from past businesses, etc. I LOVED IT!!”


Pricing Options

I understand your desire to serve. I give you quality support to grow.

Totally free

Library access.

Library of self healing resources to help highly sensitive empaths from dysfunctional families.

• Audio meditations

• Fillable Worksheets

• Downloadable Guides

Your own self healing toolkit.



Lifetime Access
Online Course.

Self study online course

Lifetime access

24/7 Student Area

Full resource library access

121 sessions bookable (£95)

Invite to any future live group Q&As

Bonus Workshop: Countdown to Freedom – Transition from Employee to Boss

All bonus resources


£165 pm x 3

Online Course + Bonuses
5 Months 121 Support *

2024 OFFER


All the benefits of Seed + Sapling

5 x monthly 121 Power Hours

Personalised feedback



The Wounded Healer

Heal your inner child so that it doesn’t run your business.

My specialisation is helping highly sensitive empaths from dysfunctional families to connect with their inner wisdom + awaken spiritually.

These gifted + resourceful adults offer huge value to society. Due to immense challenges overcome, many have developed extraordinary healing skills.

Yet they often doubt their worth. Despite their talents to heal + assist, HSPs can struggle to ground their business in a practical way. This shows up as burnout, lack of money and overwhelm.

Holistic Grower addresses these internal factors + provides an attainable model of business success.

Amy x

Amy Garner

Therapist • Healer • Intuitive • Teacher @ Holistic Grower


Holistic Grower Library

Become a library member to access resources today.
Completely free, forever.

Spiritual Retreats + Travel (UK)

DIY Retreat Guide – Spiritual Places of Peace + Power

UK Nature Healing Resources + DIY Vision Quest Ideas. Low cost or no cost options.

Spiritual Shops London

Walking Tour + Map PDF, plus 5 Secret Spiritual Places (that only insiders know). Updated version coming in 2024.

Energy Healing + Self Care

The number one way for awakening HSPs to increase peace, intuition, to heal and stay calm. Free audio.

Let go of the past + make room – so that new relationships can enter your life.

Audio visualisation + 5 stage grief recovery guide for the broken hearted and those who have closed their heart to protect themselves from pain.

Easy DIY techniques to create an Anxiety SOS toolkit.

Understand this phenomenon and your unique needs so that you can protect your health

Methods to keep your energy clear as a HSP, empath, healer + intuitive channel.

For HSPs who struggle with guilt when setting limits and managing expectations.

A video Masterclass on recovering from burnout by award winning UK naturopathic nutritionist Deborah Walker.

40 ways to reduce stress in 2024!

Manifestation + Transformation

Video workshop 1 + 2 for self care and planning to escape a negative work situation.

Mini course with free audios and downloads. Instant access.

Get clear on what you want so you can manifest your dreams. Audio visualisation.

Move energy around to get yourself flowing again. Magical suggestions + tips

Release heavy energy + breathe new life into your home + digital connections.

Self-Coaching Exercises

Coaching exercises to get clear on what you want + start to take action. Accountability + tracking. Coming soon.

You Are A Healer

Reduce your visibility fears and overcome imposter syndrome.

You Are a Healer

Workshop and energy healing technique HSPs seeking to awaken their spiritual healing powers. Workshop in 2024!

Bite-sized audio lessons to get you primed for success as you go self-employed.

Fly as Solo witch

Honour your natural cycles and harness the energies of the earth.

Practical + metaphysical steps to protect yourself from bad energy.

Emergency on Planet Earth

Join the Plant Power Revolution. For animals, the earth + YOU!
50 page PDF + free course.

One year living frugally while renovating an old house in Spain. The benefits and failures. Here’s what we learnt…

Change The World, Without Burn Out. Download the guide!

Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s theories about human life on earth and our individual role in planetary healing.

Six spiritual theories explain our 3D mess from higher perspective.

What you can expect as you awaken. Loneliness, change + moments of extreme beauty, excitement and synchronicity.

Healing from Family Dysfunction

Healing the effects of bullying + never be bullied again.

Workshop and energy healing technique HSPs seeking to awaken their spiritual healing powers. Coming in 2024!

How to spot narcissistic traits in others + yourself – and what to do about them.

It’s not because you’re highly sensitive. Being ignored hurts at a core level. This is why stonewalling kills relationships.

Have fun + keep yourself safe – checklist to help you find a trusted spiritual teacher, healer or guide.


Heal Your Inner Child

How to foster a healthy relationship while you reparent your inner child.

Coming soon!


Weekday and Weekend readings available in 2024.

Instant – Holistic Grower Yearbook

Health, wealth + healing for highly sensitive empaths from dysfunctional families.

Monthly Oracle Pick A Card

Use the Osho Zen spread to hone your intuition + follow your heart. Delivered by email.

For the full list of free resources, see Holistic Grower Library.

Start your journey – join now



All blog posts are available within the free Holistic Grower Library.


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